Thursday, 27 October 2016

Life in general

So... Life, the universe and everything.
I've settled in nicely at my new work already. Already put way too many things on my plate, which is just typically me. Good thing is, I really like my work. I like the work itself, the coworkers and the organisation and how it's administrated. 
But still I spend pretty accurately 12 hours a day at work and on transportation. And I have a tendency to go in on weekends too. 
No regrets though.

I take the metro some of the way. I have this mildly weird love for it: It goes through some strangely scenic parts of Copenhagen. The old and historic parts and some of the brand new ones.
I like the view.

Bad news is that the Korean lessons sucked. The teacher has severely failed to impress or even interest me. It literally feels like they grabbed some random person from the street who speaks Korean.
You need to have some plans and purposes and a schedule for what you teach and when. I can't see hers, and I dislike it. 
I think I might quit on it.

One of the help-staff in Copenhagen airport had really long hair!
I think I've been neglecting mine lately. Hmm. Other than the updos, I haven't really "done" anything for a while. Maybe it needs a deep conditioning soon?

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Today's hair

So, I had an idea to make two Dutch braids and turn them into a 7-stranded braid at my neck, using the bottom part (Ears and down) as the seventh strand.
Good idea in theory, but my hands got all confused at keeping track of 7 strands!

It looked really nice once I pinned it up in a bun though!
This could use more practice, because it has potential.

Friday, 21 October 2016


Ugh. My hair has been doing that annoying "mildly upset"-thing for some weeks now. 
I think I may have overdone the benign neglect thing: I've been feeding it plenty of leave in conditioner to protect it from the windy, cold and wet autumn, given it oil at the ends something and been doing overnight deep conditionings for days off.
Yea, its been too much for my coarse hair.
It's been ages since last I created build up, but there we go.
I used the Lioele L'Cret Hair Color Keeper Treatment Shampoo that I got in a Memebox Rapunzel box back in 2014 (!). I gave the shampoo to hubby back then, but he has so much shampoo that I've received unwanted, so he haven't managed to work through the pile yet.
It was pretty good actually. Felt pretty gentle and smelled like herbs.
Of course my hair was pretty cranky to be shampooed, but it has calmed down by the next day, and then the "mildly upset" issue was gone.
When did I last have to shampoo my hair?

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Today's hair

I was so pleased with the double, vertical nautilus buns the other day, that I did them again.

Me messing around with the strong autumn light in the train.

Good thing the train was almost empty, haha!

Trying to catch the mirrored mirror image of my buns. Not actually so easy on a moving train!

Monday, 17 October 2016

Today's hair

Chinese bun with a TimberstoneTurnings stick that I got from Hypnotica a long time ago. This thing is super pretty (And probably cost an arm and a leg!), but so enormously huge that I never really get any use out of it.

I take it out and try it a couple of times a year, then sigh in defeat and put it back in storage. It really makes me look like I have some sort of weird antenna going on.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Tutorial request

Per request from the other day: An unnamed bun.

Any name suggestions for this thing?

I played around with it a bit and found that this was the best way to create it:

1. Start off with your hair split horizontally in two braids.
(I did two 5-stranded just for fun, but effed the 5-strand up a bit at the beginning. Why do you only ever spot that once youre done??)

2. Pin a clip through the beginning of the top braid.

3. Wrap the bottom braid up around the base of the top braid and tuck it under the clip ends.

4. Finish wrapping the bottom braid around the base and above the top braid, and tuck the end under.

5. Wrap the top braid around the bun.

6. Tuck ends under, adjust for lopsidedness and "smooth" the entire bun.

7. Done!

It's quite pretty!

It has a lot of the qualities I like in a bun: Good stability, packed flatly to my head, a structure that stands out from any other buns I could have made instead, and it looks like it took a lot longer to create than it did.

Fixing and structuring flyaways are optional!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Wanna see something gross?

Why is it that shed hair is kind of gross?
No matter what, it seems no one has any positive feelings towards it. Everyone has a vague kind of dislike for shed hairs.

Anyways, the reason I bring it up is, that a friend of mine who has dreadlocks, asked me for some of my shed hairs to extend some of her dreads that lost some length.
I've been gathering up shed hairs for some months now and have a pretty good portion of it.

Even for me, handling my own shed hairs I have a vague feeling of "ick". So weird.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Today's hair

I had quite a bit of flyaways, so I gathered them up with some leave in conditioner to give them structure and look like I had done it on purpose.

Hair today is the opposite from yesterday: Top braid is in a Nautilus bun with the bottom braid wrapped up and around it. Funny how big a difference it makes! It looks like two completely different styles, not just the same mirror shot flipped upside down.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Today's hair

Same braids as yesterday. Bottom braid is in a nautilus, top braid is wrapped around and almost seems to describe a fibonacci spiral?